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Major US Airlines Begin Dropping Mask Mandates After Judge Rules Biden’s Mandate Was Unlawful
After nearly two years, major U.S. airlines have begun dropping mask mandates for travelers after U.S...
Over 1,000 Flights Canceled Across US Due to Omicron and Bad Weather
With the Omicron variant showing no signs of abating and bad weather in the Pacific Northwest, several...
American Airlines canceled several flights this past weekend due to shortage of employees and weather issues.
American Airlines Blames Flight Cancelations on Staffing Issues and Bad Weather
Hundreds of flights were canceled by American Airlines over the weekend due to a shortage of staff, followed...
On Sunday Feb. 21, just after 1:00 PM CST, a pilot of American Airlines (AA) Flight 2292 traveling from Cincinnati, OH to Phoenix, AZ noted a speedy, unusual vessel flying above his plane.
FBI Involved in American Airlines UFO Sighting
In a radio transmission posted on the Deep Black Horizon blog of chief photojournalist Steve Douglass...
Airlines for America, a group that represents major US airline companies like Delta, United, and American
Airline Group Requests Biden to Mandate Facemasks on Flights
Airlines for America, a group that represents major U.S. airline companies like Delta, United, and American...