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Soldiers testing Microsoft's $22 billion Pentagon contract for the HoloLens augmented reality glasses say it would get them killed in the field.
Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Goggles Costing Taxpayers $22 Billion ‘Would Have Gotten Us Killed,’ Military
Cutting edge technology is rarely all it’s cracked up to be, military testers found after a spectacularly...
Illustration picture shows a student with VR virtual reality glasses during a royal visit to the T2 - Technologie- en Talent - campus in Genk, Tuesday 29 January 2019. Facebook Reality Labs announced it would bring the human race augmented reality “paradigm shift,” changing the way we interact with computers all together
Facebook Reality Labs AR Glasses Seek ‘Paradigm Shift’ in how Humans Interact With Computers
Facebook Reality Labs is marching forward on the path to augmented reality (AR) in what it calls a “paradigm...