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The UK Plans to Make Facebook Pay For News, Like Australia

The UK government is considering following Australia’s lead and making Facebook pay publishers for using their news content. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is concerned about big tech after Facebook censored news content in Australia.  Last year, Australia had announced its intention to make big tech firms pay news publishers. In retaliation, Facebook blocked Australian users […]

China Proposes ‘Peaceful Dialogue’ While Building Up Military Capabilities

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said that the U.S. had cut off bilateral dialogue at “all levels” in the past few years. It was the main reason for the deterioration in relations on both sides. He also claimed that Beijing wanted nothing but “peaceful dialogue” with the Biden administration. During this call for peace […]

Microsoft Sees Business, Political Opportunity in Break from Big Tech on AU News Legislation

Microsoft has dissented from its big tech cohorts, Facebook and Twitter, in decrying Australia’s proposed legislation which will require social media and tech companies to pay news publishers for using their content. The Redmond software giant’s position on the matter appears to be both opportunistic and political in nature. On Feb. 11, as Democrat House […]

China Should Expect ‘Extreme Competition’: Biden

President Biden has warned Communist China that it should expect “extreme competition” from the United States. But he also says that he does not want to forge a conflict-oriented relationship with Beijing. In an interview with CBS, Biden said that he has not yet spoken with Chinese President Xi Jinping since assuming office. They have […]

Pfizer to Earn $15 Billion From Selling SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines

Biopharmaceutical company Pfizer expects to make a windfall from the CCP virus pandemic, hoping to earn $15 billion in 2021 from the sale of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines developed jointly with BioNTech.  Scientists projected calculated profit based on the number of doses they are scheduled to deliver this year. If Pfizer’s contracts change, revenue could increase or […]

Matteo Petricone: The Movies and the Magic of Visual Effects

In 1895, the Lumières brothers invented moving pictures and at that moment, the world changed forever and so did people’s lives. The magic era of visual effects arrived. Since then, many generations laughed, cried, felt inspired, and dreamed through the many stories the silver screen has been offering over the years. With that, the career […]

13 People Have Died in Norway After Taking Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Norwegian Medicines Agency, the country’s medical regulatory authority, has announced a series of deaths among people who had been inoculated with Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine. The country started vaccinating people in late December and over 25,000 citizens have been inoculated so far, with many admitting to having experienced some side effects. Of the reported 29 deaths, […]

Australian Regulators OK CCP Acquisition of Gold Miner Cardinal Resources

Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board gave the green light to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) acquisition of gold mining company Cardinal Resources in August.  Cardinal...

The Secret of Australia’s Volcanoes Revealed

Why have there been so many eruptions since the age of the dinosaurs? Geoscientists at the University of Sydney can now provide a clear...

Australians Call for Boycott of Chinese Businesses

Not taking it lying down, Australians call for a boycott of Chinese businesses. Around 41 wineries and vineyards have called for boycotting of all...

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