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Tag: Bitcoin Crash

Even as Central Bank Digital Currencies are coming to destroy Stablecoins, 13,000 people think Bitcoin is worth $20,000 as the market crashes.
13,000 People Still Paid $20,000 For Bitcoin Even As Market Crashes
During a week that saw the market price of Bitcoin plummet more than 40 percent, more than 13,000 “wholecoiners” were added to the Bitcoin blockchain, data analysis shows. The accumulation comes even as a global...
A $20 million bounty has been issued to whistleblowers of a possible conspiracy to liquidate the Celsius crypto scheme.
$20 Million Bounty Offered to Whistleblowers With Evidence of Celsius Crypto Liquidation Conspiracy
With all eyes on the rapidly collapsing cryptocurrency market, a shocking offer has been made to the public in the form of a $20 million bounty in exchange for evidence that a plan to liquidate...