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Deep Voice Deep Fake Artificial Intelligence Dubai $35 Million Scam
Deep Voice AI Used to Con Dubai Bank Out of US$35 Million
A form of artificial intelligence that clones voices was used to manipulate a bank manager into conning...
Teenagers take photos for their Instagram account on September 28, 2020 in Kershon, Ukraine. An expose by the Wall Street Journal revealed parent company Facebook is well aware of the harm the app inflicts on a large portion of its 22 million daily teenage users from its own internal surveys and focus groups.
Instagram Use Is Harming the Mental Health of Young Girls, and Facebook Knows It: Report
Instagram’s addictive and distorting social environment is harming the psyche and self esteem of young...
People participate in an anti-Asian violence protest on April 4, 2021 in New York City. Security operations group FireEye found a Chinese Communist Party-sponsored botnet had not only expanded its influence operations into other languages and fringe social media and websites, but attempted to mobilize real world users to attend an April 24 anti-Asian hate protest in New York City.
Chinese Botnet Tried to Mobilize Social Media Users to Protest Anti-Asian Hate: Report
A new report examining a long-running series of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sponsored social media...