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Tag: CCP Virus second wave

CCP Virus Second Wave Rapidly Spreads Across Communist China

A CCP virus second wave is spreading quickly through communist China according to reports from the Chinese media. State-backed Global Times said that two cases of infection reported in Jinzhong in Shanxi Province came from Shijiazhuang City in Hebei Province.  Another report stated that there was an outbreak in Wangkui County, northeastern China. It’s now […]

Twitter Deletes 170,000 Accounts Linked to the CCP

China’s attempt to spread CCP coronavirus propaganda through international social media platforms recently took a hit as Twitter removed over 170,000 pro-CCP accounts. About...

Did China Intentionally Spread COVID-19 Globally?

President Donald Trump recently alleged that the Chinese government was either too incompetent at restricting the CPP coronavirus from spreading globally early on or...

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