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Indian Civilian Abducted by Chinese Soldiers in Disputed Border Area
An Indian civilian has reportedly been abducted by Chinese soldiers from the border state of Arunachal Pradesh. The boy is from a district that borders the Tibetan region. Details of the abduction were revealed by...
The naval exercises by six democratic nations in the Philippine sea coincides with China sending in a record number of planes into Taiwan.
Six Nations Conduct Military Exercises in the Philippine Sea While Beijing Threatens Taiwan
Aircraft carriers from the United States, UK, and Japan are conducting exercises in the Philippine Sea. Ships from New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Canada are also involved. In total, 17 surface ships and more than...
A projectile is launched from a Taiwanese-made Thunderbolt-2000 multiple rocket system during the annual Han Kuang military drills in Taichung on July 16, 2020. - The five-day "Han Kuang" (Han Glory) military drills starting on July 14 aimed to test how the armed forces would repel an invasion from the Chinese Communist Party, which has vowed to assimilate Taiwan to communism -- by force if necessary.
Taiwan Begins Mass Production of Long-Range Missiles to Deter Chinese Aggression
Taiwan recently revealed that it has initiated mass production of a long-range missile in an attempt to build up military capacity to ward off threats from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  The democratic and independent...