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Tag: Chinese Foreign Ministry

China Claims US State Department ‘Interfering’ With Winter Olympics
China is demanding the U.S. immediately halt all "interference" against the Winter Olympics, scheduled to begin on Feb. 4 in Beijing and nearby Hebei Province.  Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Yi made the demand during a...
China showcases their DF-5 intercontinental ballistic missiles.
China Seeks Nuclear Weapons Upgrades, Says US and Russia Should Reduce Their Arsenals
China’s senior arms official announced today that the country will continue to upgrade and expand its nuclear weaponry and urged Moscow and Washington to take initiative in reducing their larger stockpiles first.  Fu Cong, director-general...
China Suggests Their Viral Passport System be Used Globally
China has recently launched a virus passport system through government-affiliated WeChat, suggesting it could be used globally. The system assigns a QR code to an individual, which can then be scanned at checkpoints and used...