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Communist China Once Again Hacks US Government, Japan

A new series of hacks against the American government, private firms, and critical infrastructure has been discovered. The hack, which is said to be...

FTSE Russell Drop Chinese Tech Firms From Index

Index publisher FTSE Russell has announced that it will drop two Chinese tech companies, Xiaomi and Luokung Technology Corporation, from its global and Chinese indexes to comply with an executive order issued by former President Donald Trump. In January, the Trump administration had placed nine companies, including Xiaomi, on a blacklist of Chinese firms with […]

China Proposes ‘Peaceful Dialogue’ While Building Up Military Capabilities

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi recently said that the U.S. had cut off bilateral dialogue at “all levels” in the past few years. It was the main reason for the deterioration in relations on both sides. He also claimed that Beijing wanted nothing but “peaceful dialogue” with the Biden administration. During this call for peace […]

Massive Funding Coming to American Universities From China

Recent reports claim that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and directly linked entities have granted American universities around $88 million between 2014 and 2019. Chinese state-owned enterprises and universities collectively donated at least $315 million within the same period; however, such estimates are conservative, as many Chinese state-backed enterprises fly under U.S. government radar. […]

Trump Tightens American Capital Flow, Cutting Off Billions Invested in Chinese Military Companies

In 1999, a law was passed that required the Pentagon to compile a list of companies affiliated with the Chinese military. The Pentagon has only last year begun complying with the mandate, 21 years after the law was passed. By December 2020, 35 Chinese companies were added to the list, including chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International […]

Communist China’s Art of Stealing Technology

Leaked Chinese government documents received by The Epoch Times revealed how Beijing-funded projects enter into partnerships with overseas research institutions. Their specific aim is stealing technology...

US Commerce Department Bans Investments in Chinese Military-Backed Companies

On Thursday, Nov. 12, 2020, the Trump administration issued an executive order barring investments in private companies with close ties to Chinese military, intelligence,...

The CCP’s Beidou Brings an Alternative to GPS, but at What Cost?

In June 2020, China launched the 55th and final satellite composing a state-operated constellation known as the Beidou Positioning and Navigation System (BDS). The...

Beijing Militarizing Stolen American Technologies

The U.S. State Department has accused China of stealing American technologies and using them to modernize its military. The official pointed out that such...

Chinese Military: World Domination Through Germs

As wars become more tech-oriented, new forms of warfare are inevitable. While the two world wars of the last century used aircraft extensively to...

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