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China’s Tech Industry Seeing Largest Round of Layoffs as Beijing’s Sweeping Crackdown Continues
As Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s crackdown on the country’s Big Tech sector continues, Beijing’s regulators...
This picture taken on July 24, 2016 shows children playing video games at the world's largest building in Chengdu.
Tencent Shares Slump Following Media Criticism
Chinese tech company Tencent has announced that it will curb minors’ access to the popular video game...
This photo taken on May 26, 2021 shows the Tencent headquarters in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, in Guangdong province.
How The Chinese Government Controls Tencent, the Seventh Largest Company in the World
Chinese tech company Tencent has deep ties with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Guangzhou-based Southern...