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Ma Chun-man-sentenced-to-nearly-six-years-in-prison-for-speech-alone-getty-images-1231452250
Hong Kong Man Sentenced to Nearly 6 Years in Prison for Chanting Slogans, Posting Online
On Nov. 11, Ma Chun-man, also known as “Captain America 2.0” was sentenced by a Hong Kong court to five years and nine months in prison for “inciting secession” by peacefully delivering multiple pro-independence speeches...
Hong Kong Group Famous for Mass Protests Disbands After Coming Under Investigation
In 2003, half a million Hongkongers marched to protest the planned activation of Article 23, which would threaten political freedoms in their city just six years after its return to China from British colonial rule. ...
'Heaven will destroy the Chinese Communist Party' nine commentaries hong kong
‘Persist in 2020’: 1 Million Hongkongers Take Part in New Year March
Hong Kong saw as many as a million people march on New Year’s Day 2020, chanting pro-democracy slogans as they crowded the streets that afternoon.  Marchers held signs and flags emblazoned with protest slogans, such...