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University of Alberta signage in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 56-year-old Annette Lewis, who suffers from terminal idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in both lungs was advised by her doctor at the UofA that although she is second in line on a lung transplant donor list she has sat on for 2.5 years, she will be denied medical care unless she accepts a COVID-19 vaccine.
No Jab? No Life Saving Lung Transplant, Canadian Hospital Tells Woman
A Canadian woman who needs a lung transplant in order to survive has been told by a university hospital handling her case that if she does not accept a vaccine for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19),...
Young people enjoy an afternoon at a swimming pool and bar in Osage Beach, Missouri. Recent data published by Axios found young people are self-enforcing vaccine passports on their friends and family. The decline of family values and brotherly love, however, can be directly attributed to Marxist indoctrination and is driven by big media.
Young Americans Are Self-Enforcing Vaccine Passports on Friend, Family Relationships
More than a third of young Americans are voluntarily enforcing de facto vaccine passports through excluding unvaccinated friends, family, and acquaintances from their life, according to a new poll.  Data published by Axios in a...