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Tag: Climate Lockdowns

New York city will begin tracking household food consumption in the struggle against carbon climate.
NYC Begins Tracking Household Food Consumption in Carbon Climate Struggle
“New York City's leading in the world when it comes to combating climate change because we're using every...
Smart Meters nudge obedience to the carbon climate change narrative
Smart Meters Serve to Nudge Compliance With Carbon Climate Change Narrative
Although the advent of smart meters for billing household electricity usage has still evaded all but...
C40 and Arup Group WEF partners want cities to intervene in residents' clothing and food purchases and eliminate personal travel to save the world from greenhouse gasses.
WEF Partners Want City Governments to ‘Intervene’ in Clothing Purchases, Food, Private Flights to Save
A recent report by a pair of think tanks who are partners of the globalist roundtable World Economic...
UChicago researchers found in 2018 that smart meter water rationing enforcement worked to enforce water rationing
Smart Metering Effective in California Water Rationing Compliance, UChicago Study Finds
A recent study by the University of Chicago found that employing an automated surveillance system of...
The Irish Government is preparing for fuel and electricity shortages starting in September that will result in lockdowns and fuel rationing.
Ireland Runs Oil and Electricity Shortage Wargame With Lockdowns, Fuel Control
The Government of Ireland recently conducted a secret wargame preparing for the installation of lockdowns...