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Former Inner Mongolia Vice Chairman Yun Gongmin Accused of Collecting Bribes Totalling More Than 400M
On November 24, Yun Gongmin, the former secretary of the Communism Party Committee (CPC) of Erdos City, Inner Mongolia, and the Inner Mongolia provincial vice chairman, was accused of collecting more than 468.66 million yuan...
China's Liaoning province has issued power outage alerts amidst a national power crisis.
More Power Outages as Communist China Suffers From Coal Shortage
On Oct. 11, Liaoning province in China issued a level two alert for power shortage. Liaoning is part of China's rust-belt industrial region. It is the largest power consumer among the three provinces that make...
Coal mining operations in Shanxi have been affected by several days of heavy rains.
China Shuts Down 60 Coal Mines due to Heavy Rains, Power Crisis Deepens
Torrential rains hit 11 cities in China’s Shanxi Province for almost five days in a row, resulting in the shutdown of 60 coal mines. The country is already struggling with one of the biggest power...