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7 Things You Might Not Know About Coffee

Coffee is a favorite beverage for many people, especially office workers, who may drink coffee regularly every day. Coffee also has many health benefits, and there are 7 things about it that you may not know. 1. Coffee boosts immunity There were two large-scale studies in 10 European countries or regions, including the United Kingdom. […]

These 6 Foods Are Excellent for Liver Health

The liver is a very vital organ. Therefore, liver health is particularly important for the immune system and helps fight infection. It removes bacteria from the blood and produces bile, which is essential for digestion. To improve liver health, you can start with these foods that are good for the liver. 1. Oats Oatmeal contains […]

Taiwan’s Third Largest City: A Great Place for Coffee

When one thinks of places to visit in Taiwan, Taipei comes to mind first. Not only is it the main hub of the country,...

Coffee Drinkers Halve Their Risk of Liver Cancer

A research team from Queen’s University Belfast, UK, has found that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of the most common type of liver cancer,...

Tim Hortons Eyes China to Boost Its Business

Canada’s most famous coffee chain Tim Hortons has announced plans to expand its operations into China in a bid to boost its revenues.  The...

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