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90 Communities Locked Down in Xi’an, China After COVID-19 Spike; Grocery Shopping Allowed Once Every 2 Days
Videos shared on Chinese social media sites show hundreds of people in the northwestern city of Xi'an standing in the cold to get tested for COVID-19. Other footage shows residential entryways lined with barbed wire....
Heavily Vaccinated Sri Lanka Reopens to Ease Economic Shortfall
Sri Lanka lifted its COVID-19 lockdown on Oct. 1 even as, according to officials and traders, more than 800 containers carrying essential items were held up in the country's main port due to a lack...
Washington approved the sale of auto chips to Huawei due to pressure from U.S. companies, says Global Times.
Biden Allows Sale of American Auto Chips to Blacklisted Huawei
Joe Biden’s administration recently approved the sale of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of auto chips to Huawei despite it being listed on a trade blacklist. The CCP-backed Global Times claimed in an article...