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Tag: COVID-19: The Great Reset

Japan has made an electroshock braclet that will deliver pain to Metaverse dreamers.
Japanese Startup Builds Electroshock Bracelet to Inflict Pain On Metaverse Users
A Japanese startup has created a bracelet that transfers and mimics bodily movements into virtual reality settings while also delivering to users haptic, virtually generated stimuli, such as pain. H2L, a Tokyo-based, Sony-backed startup that...
Amid war with Russia, Ukraine is quietly rolling out a central bank digital currency and social credit score model.
Ukraine Is Quietly Unveiling Digital Currency and a Social Credit System
Ukraine has been stealthily working hard on fulfilling all boxes of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset checklist: digital identity, vaccination passports, universal basic income (UBI), and a social credit system in one. President...