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Chief executive at Piper Sandler does not see Chinese stocks as a smart buy.
Piper Sandler Analyst Warns Against Chinese Stocks
U.S.-listed Chinese stocks have received quite a beating this year as these companies have come under regulatory pressure from both Beijing and Washington. While the S&P has only fallen three percent from the high it...
Chinese Hot Pot Chain Stock Plummets as Beijing Implements Harsh COVID-19 Restrictions
One of China’s most recognized hot pot chain brands witnessed a $4 billion dollar decline in its market value over a span of three days as a result of the government imposing strict international travel...
A businessman walks up Wall Street in the financial district December 21, 2006 in New York City. Archegos Capital Management’s meltdown of Chinese stock, Viacom, Discovery, and others was a tumultuous market event last week. Archegos has deep ties to Wall Street legends such as Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns, and Lehman Brothers
Firm at Source of Chinese Stock, Viacom, Discovery Crash has Housing Bubble Roots
The week of March 26 showed rarely seen explosive volatility in Chinese stock and commodities as Archegos Capital Management, a self-described family investment office, materialized billions of dollars in losses as Wall Street investment banks...