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Spike in Crypto Mining Threatens to Disrupt Texas’ Electricity Grid
In late April, Texas’ grid operator said that it foresees an increase to electricity demand “by up to six gigawatts by mid-2023”, as Bitcoin farming expands in the Lone Star state.  Reportedly, the amount of...
Cryptocurrency Markets Buckle After China Cracks Down Further on Bitcoin Mining, Crypto Trading
China’s central bank urged banks and payment firms on Monday to crack down further on cryptocurrency trading and mining in China, sending the cryptocurrency market into a tailspin and resulting in the loss of billions...
Police raided an industrial site that showed all the telltale signs of an illicit cannabis growthop. They found a Bitcoin mine stealing power from the electric grid in its place.
UK Police Raid Suspected Cannabis Grow-op, Find Bitcoin Mine Instead
UK Police made a shocking discovery during a raid of a suspected cannabis grow-op when they found a substantial Bitcoin mining operation instead of marijuana being illegally cultivated.  West Midlands Police executed a forced-entry raid...