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Why Do the Japanese Take Off Their Shoes When Entering a House?

If you have been to Japan, you know that the Japanese take off their shoes according to long-standing traditions about removing shoes before entering homes and other indoor places. The custom of removing your footwear before entering a house stems from the Heian period between the years 794 and 1185. While a house could quickly become dirty […]

Fascinating Rituals and Customs Surrounding Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a traditional festival with a long history. It’s the most important holiday for Chinese people, and thus much attention has been paid to it since ancient times. Its preparation starts seven days before New Year’s Eve, from the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month. The activities and customs during the festival are listed […]

What to Know About China’s Moon Festival

The Chinese celebrated their Mid-Autumn Moon Festival recently on October 1. It is the second most important traditional holiday in the country after the...

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