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The Biden Administration’s Decision to Ration Monoclonal Antibodies Is Putting Lives At Risk
The Biden administration’s recent move to ration monoclonal antibody treatments is putting lives of people...
YouTube censored Senator Rand Paul who uploaded a video on the platform about Washington funding a Chinese lab believed to be the origin of COVID-19.
YouTube Executive Says Censorship Is Good for Business
Neal Mohan, product head at YouTube, recently said that one of the reasons why the video platform is...
Democrat Mayor Dave Kerner came out in support of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis after a '60 Minutes' report falsely accused DeSantis of allowing Publix to conduct a vaccination campaign out of favoritism.
Democrat Mayor Supports DeSantis After ’60 Minutes’ Fake News Scandal
The mayor of Palm Beach, Democrat Dave Kerner, has come out in support of Republican Florida Governor...