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The IMF warned Zimbabwe over the deployment of a gold-backed digital currency.
IMF Warns Zimbabwe Over Gold-backed Digital Currency
The International Monetary Fund warned the African nation of Zimbabwe over a scheme the government recently...
Crypto exchange FTX needs $8 billion to stay alive
Leading Crypto Exchange Needs $8 Billion to Stave Off Bankruptcy
A formerly leading digital currency exchange is in such dire straits that it needs an $8 billion cash...
Binance bailed out Sam Bankman-Fried Alameda Research's FTX averting a cryptocrash
Crypto, Stock Market, Narrowly Evade Crash After Third Largest Exchange Bailed Out by Competitor
The digital currencies market narrowly avoided a massive crash after news that the third largest exchange...
Biden’s Recent Executive Order on Digital Currencies Panned as Dangerous, People Should be ‘Worried’
News analysis On March 7, U.S. President Joe Biden signed an executive order (EO) instructing numerous...
The use of digital currencies has surged in Afghanistan as the Taliban takeover engenders economic uncertainty.
Cryptocurrency Use in Afghanistan Rises, Taliban May Take Advantage to Outwit Western Sanctions
The use of cryptocurrencies in Afghanistan has reportedly spiked amidst the Taliban takeover. The country...