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Indigo has blacklisted a book by Andrew Lawton on the Freedom Convoy from its brick and mortar stores.
Canada’s Largest Bookstore Refuses to Stock Bestselling Book on Freedom Convoy Trucker Protest
Canada’s largest brick and mortar bookstore has refused to include on its shelves a book about the recent...
German police are raiding citizens for criticizing the government online.
100 German Homes Raided Over Internet Criticism of Government Officials
Combined German police forces raided more than 100 homes in 13 states on March 22 to curtail alleged...
A German study has found total numbers of COVID cases for kids aged 5 to 11 are in the three digit range, with therapy and ICU admissions being in the double digits. Deaths were 4.
5-to-11-Year-old Kids, the Next Target of Vaccine Mandates, at Near-zero Risk of Severe COVID, Says German
A new study published by researchers in Germany says that youth aged both 5 to 11 and 17-and-under have...