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Tag: Drug Abuse

A flagship Whole Foods in San Francisco made 568 calls to 911 over just 13 months before closing
San Fran Whole Foods Flagship Made 568 Emergency Calls Over 13 Months Before Closing
The flagship store for the iconic Whole Foods brand in San Francisco made more than one emergency call...
The Chinese Communist Party's TikTok is encouraging 13 year olds to commit suicide and selling drugs, research found
Communist China-controlled TikTok Encourages Suicide, Helps Kids Buy Drugs
TikTok, the Chinese Communist Party-backed social media platform used by almost half of Americans, has...
US Workers are testing positive for drugs after an accident at an exponentially greater rate than pre-employment, indicating workplace drug use.
Workplace Drug Testing Data Shows Growing Ratio of Post-accident Positives Among American Workers
A new set of data published by a leading American narcotics screening firm revealed results indicating...