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Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon (2nd-L) and China’s then-Vice Premier Li Keqiang (R) look after the official launch of the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant joint venture project between China and France held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, on December 21, 2009. French utility provider EDF’s subsidiary and reactor designer, Framatome, was forced to approach the U.S. government about a fission gas leak at the world’s largest nuclear reactor because of a Pentagon blacklist against the CCP’s CGN.
Biden Admin First Notified in May of Leaking Chinese Nuclear Plant Owned by Blacklisted Company
A pair of the world’s largest nuclear reactors, a French-Chinese joint venture located in Guangdong Province, approximately 85 miles away from Hong Kong, is leaking fission gasses according to reports emerging June 14. However, it...
Police raided an industrial site that showed all the telltale signs of an illicit cannabis growthop. They found a Bitcoin mine stealing power from the electric grid in its place.
UK Police Raid Suspected Cannabis Grow-op, Find Bitcoin Mine Instead
UK Police made a shocking discovery during a raid of a suspected cannabis grow-op when they found a substantial Bitcoin mining operation instead of marijuana being illegally cultivated.  West Midlands Police executed a forced-entry raid...