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BASF Cuts Ammonia Production Fertilizer Shortage
World’s Top Producer of Ammonia, a Key Component in Fertilizer, Slashes Production Amid German Energy Crisis
Ammonia, a critical component used in fertilizer, is about to meet with renewed scarcity as the world’s largest producer cuts production because of a wild energy crisis crushing the German economy. “We are reducing production...
America’s Largest Pork Company to Close California Plant, Scale Back Operations Over High Costs
On June 10, Smithfield Foods — America’s largest pork producer — announced via a press release that it will be closing its Vernon, California plant in early 2023 and will scale back operations in both...
The worldwide fertilizer crisis and looming food shortage presents an opportunity to push a woke agenda, some say.
World Food Crisis Looms as Fertilizer Prices Keep Rising
The threat of worldwide starvation looms as food prices soar and fertilizer scarcity continues, which according to some, carries the opportunity to restructure the economy, agriculture, and everyday life. According to a report by the...
American rail carriers are cutting critical fertilizer, grain, and coal shipments as they struggle with staffing and logistics problems amid union wars.
US Rail Carriers Are Cutting Fertilizer, Grain, Coal Shipments
A major U.S. railway freight carrier has ceased business with one of the largest fertilizer producers in the country during the peak of planting season.  In an April 14 press release, CF Industries informed the...