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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Creating Election Fraud Police Force
On April 26, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would create a police force dedicated to pursuing voter fraud and other election crimes, establishing the nation’s first “Office of Election Crimes and Security.” ...
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Florida will be sending law enforcement personnel to help Arizona and Texas deal with the influx of illegal immigrants. He is pictured at a bill signing ceremony at the Florida National Guard Robert A. Ballard Armory on June 7, 2021 in Miami, Florida. The governor signed bills to combat foreign influence and corporate espionage in Florida from governments like China.
DeSantis Pledges Help for Worsening Border Crisis in Arizona and Texas
Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has announced that his state will be sending police officers to the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas and Arizona to help deal with the migrant crisis. His announcement was in...