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Tag: Food Stamps

The U.S. Army has told struggling soldiers to sign up for food stamps if inflation is proving too hot to handle.
Army Tells Soldiers to Use Food Stamps as Inflation Derails Middle Class
The United States Army has advised soldiers who are struggling to make ends meet on their current salary amid the nation’s inflationary crisis to take advantage of a food stamps program as a solution. Reported...
Two Texas area women are headed to prison after defrauding the SNAP food stamp program out of more than $2.26 million.
After Defrauding Food Stamp Program Out of $2.26 Million, Two Women Head to Prison
Two Tex-Mex border-area women got jail time after illegally acquiring nearly 150 tons of food through a federal food stamp program and reselling the goods in Mexico, netting more than $2 million. The women, who...