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Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Recognize Taiwan as a Sovereign State

Republican Representatives Tom Tiffany and Scott Perry recently introduced legislation in the House seeking to recognize Taiwan — officially called the Republic of China — as a separate country from the communist-run Chinese mainland. The bill aims to do away with America’s recognition of the “One China” policy, which leaves room for an ambiguous interpretation […]

Shanghai Announces Lockdown as Coronavirus Infections Rise

Shanghai announces lockdown as it becomes the latest Chinese city to be afflicted by a new wave of CCP virus infections. Officials have claimed at least six cases from the Zhaotong residential community in the Huangpu District. Authorities have since imposed a lockdown in the residential community.  According to state-backed Global Times, more than 15,000 […]

Chinese Agency Falsified Coronavirus Test Results, More Widespread than Reported

In China’s Hebei Province, one of the worst newly affected regions, the governor has stated that a medical agency falsified coronavirus test results and has requested re-screening. The agency, Jinan Huaxi Medical Laboratory, was tasked with testing residents in Longyao County. Out of the 310,000 swab samples, not one positive result was reported. It was […]

CCP Virus Second Wave Rapidly Spreads Across Communist China

A CCP virus second wave is spreading quickly through communist China according to reports from the Chinese media. State-backed Global Times said that two cases of infection reported in Jinzhong in Shanxi Province came from Shijiazhuang City in Hebei Province.  Another report stated that there was an outbreak in Wangkui County, northeastern China. It’s now […]

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