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AUKUS Alliance Inks Deal to Develop Hypersonic Missiles
On Tuesday, April 5, AUKUS, the strategic defense alliance between the U.S., UK and Australia announced plans to develop “hypersonic weapons and electronic warfare capabilities.” The U.S. has been criticized for its slow development of...
Hypersonic Missiles and How They Could Change the Global Strategic Balance
Reports of successful hypersonic missile tests have emerged from Russia, China, and even North Korea. What are these missiles capable of and with this technology, in the hands of rogue states and aggressive regimes, what...
U.S. Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee on his appointment as the next Vice Chairman Of The Joint Chiefs Of Staff July 30, 2019 in Washington, DC.
US Military’s No. 2 Expresses Concern Over China’s New Round-the-Earth Hypersonic Weapons
China was reported to have conducted hypersonic missile tests this July and August. The first test involved launching a rocket that made use of a “fractional orbit bombardment” system capable of powering a nuclear-capable vehicle...
China’s Hypersonic Missile Tests Are a Cause for Concern
In October, the Financial Times (FT) reported that China had conducted two tests of hypersonic weapons over the summer. The first test, conducted on July 27, saw a nuclear-capable hypersonic glide vehicle fly over earth...