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Overcoming Artist’s Block Part III – Simple and Fun Strategies
In parts I and II of this series, we have identified the possible causes of our artist’s block and have taken good care of our body. Now let’s look at some simple and effective methods...
Maria Andrejczyk Does Poland a Double Honor, and Is Twice Rewarded
There is no shortage of heartwarming tales of champion athletes using their power of victory to fill their loved ones with pride and joy; even going as far as donating or sharing their rewards to...
One of the 33 lions enjoys his new enclosure at the Emoya 'Big Cat Sanctuary' on May 1, 2016 in Vaalwater, South Africa.The animals have been released into small open areas with natural vegetation, something that many of the animals have never experienced before.
Neglected Lion Looks Like a King 3 Years After Rescue
While everyone wishes for life to be fair, countless people are born into poverty and miserable circumstances. Charles Dickens’ timeless classics often feature pitiable waifs. In each instance, however, the hapless hero had a good...