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Inspiration From the Bold and Beautiful Blue Jay

Darren Maung
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Published: November 29, 2022
The blue jay is a small bird with a big attitude. Its bold nature can boost our own courage and confidence. (Image: Andy Scott via Pexels)

With its gleaming coat to match the brightest sunlit sky, the blue jay is one of many captivating birds in the animal kingdom. But their fascination goes far beyond beauty. Various cultures see the blue jay as a spiritual guide, which — if we are in tune with nature — can help us identify areas we need to work on in our personal growth. 


It is often said that if you see a blue jay in your dreams, it means you must work on your communication skills. 

Blue are confident and somewhat noisy birds. Seeing one can remind you to speak up when something is bothering you; rather than holding your feelings inside. But the jay’s bold expression can boost your inner strength in more ways than one…

According to animal spiritualist Jordana Van, the color blue is connected to the throat chakra, which is associated with “authentic interpersonal and creative self-expression.”

“Blue jays often arrive to tell us that we are not being honest in our communications because we are afraid that if we were to speak or demonstrate our truth that we would not get what we want or need,” Van said.

Confidence and fearlessness

Not only are blue jays loud and rowdy; they are also very bold and feisty animals. Known to be brave in the face of danger, blue jays are quick to defend themselves against threats. This can remind us to be assertive in following our paths — overcoming difficulties and standing up to adversity.


Blue jays are known to stay with their mates for as long as they both shall live; a heartwarming example of fidelity. (Image: Gael Dupont-Langevin via Pexels)

Blue jays are also known to mate for life, and stay with their partners no matter what. They are dependable family members, displaying loyalty and trust between one another. These birds bring the literal meaning of the phrase “true blue” to life.

If a blue jay comes as you meet someone new, it is a sign that the person could be a great friend or partner to have, Van says. And if you don’t step up to make a connection, the blue jay’s presence may be telling you to reevaluate yourself.

Finding a feather

Blue jay feathers are said to bring self-healing and determination, bringing focus and guidance in the face of difficult choices. Van says that if you keep finding blue jay feathers, or if you find one in a climactic moment, then you’ll need to look into this.

“Sometimes these experiences really are intended to direct us, and sometimes they’re just the Universe letting us know that we’re tuned in,” she says. “Blue jay’s most frequent message has to do with confident self-expression, so if someone has been feeling the desire or need to speak up and/or otherwise express themselves, they need to do so.”

Native American folklore

Some Native American cultures even believe that blue jay feathers represent a visiting messenger from the spirit world, and take them to be a sign of wisdom. A blue jay can be seen as a sign of good luck to those who encounter them.

Other tribes, however, believe that the blue jay is a negative symbol. They are often portrayed as tricksters, working in tandem with coyotes or foxes in various legends. Due to their cunning and aggressive nature, sightings are taken to mean that someone is secretly plotting against you.

No matter how the blue jay is portrayed, its fortitude and loyalty are to be admired. DIY blogger “Liz” posted a touching tale demonstrating these virtues in the blue jay: 

Recall the blue jay for inner strength

Liz and her husband were devastated when, in an attempt to enhance their home landscaping, they accidentally destroyed a nest with four hatchling blue jays; but they tried to set things right.

After the first pathetic featherless baby bird was found, they realized their mistake and searched up its siblings, all of which had fallen from a nest situated in an arborvitae that had just been removed and dragged across the yard. 

Next, they found the nest and set it back near its former location with its tiny inhabitants. They hoped for the best while expecting the worst. 

Before long, the mother, and then the father jay appeared to tend their brood. With a good view, she was able to observe the selfless devotion with which they cared for their family over the proceeding weeks — carrying on through the disaster and protecting them rain-or-shine through self sacrifice. 

After all four fledglings had flown off to find their futures, she carefully collected the nest as a reminder to find inner strength and perseverance when things are looking bleak.


Ila Bonczek contributed to this report.