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IRS Stimulus Payments on Their Way

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has begun processing the third round of stimulus. The first batch will be sent by direct deposit. In the coming weeks, payments will be sent via debit cards, credit cards, and mail. In total, the IRS expects 158.5 million American households to benefit from the program. According to the relief […]

US Treasury to Appoint ‘Climate Czar’ to Advance Environmental Program

Janet Yellen, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, is planning to appoint a climate czar at the department who will be responsible for determining the effects of climate change on financial markets and promoting the necessary tax incentives to boost the use of renewable energy. The leading candidate for the post is Sarah Bloom Raskin. She used […]

US Treasury Secretary to Meet With Financial Regulators About GameStop

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will be meeting with financial regulators to discuss the high levels of volatility in the market regarding GameStop, a video game and merchandise retailer. Frenzied trading of GameStop shares caused prices to soar by more than 400 percent recently before falling sharply. Experts also noticed such volatile activity on other […]

President Biden Stresses Urgency and Importance of Spending on Covid Relief

President Joe Biden met with Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Jan. 30 to discuss the pandemic’s economy and spending. Biden promoted his $1.9 trillion in covid relief spending and the need to act swiftly.  Biden’s American Rescue Plan, announced on Jan. 20, allocates $400 billion to vaccination and public health jobs plan involving emergency paid […]

Janet Yellen Confirmed as the Next US Treasury Secretary

Janet Yellen, former chair of the Federal Reserve Board under Barack Obama, has been confirmed as the new Treasury Secretary serving the Biden administration.  Known to be a fiscal Dove and a Keynesian economist, her preference is to support low-interest rates and low unemployment while encouraging government regulation to aid in a stable economy.   Yellen’s […]

Biden’s Pick for Treasurer Opposed China Tech Restrictions

Democratic U.S. presidential contender Joe Biden intends to make former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen his administration’s Secretary of the Treasury, The Wall Street...

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