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Chinese Reporter in Japan Attempts Suicide After Being Heaped With Online Abuse for Shedding Tears at Abe’s Death
Zeng Ying, a 32-year-old Chinese reporter based out of Japan, was set upon by online Chinese nationalists after she was seen giving an emotional response to the news of Shinzo Abe’s assassination in Nara, Japan...
Japan’s Ruling Party Wins Big in Polls Following Abe’s Death
TOKYO (AP) — Japan's governing party and its coalition partner scored a major victory in a parliamentary election on July 10 imbued with new meaning after the assassination of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe amid...
Protecting Taiwan is now part of Japan's strategy against China.
Japan Says Willing to Defend Taiwan Against PRC Invasion
In 1895, Japan invaded Taiwan and occupied the country for five decades until 1945, when the Japanese side lost World War II and ceded the territory to the Republic of China (ROC). Four years later,...