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Tag: Kabul airport blast

In this file photo of Operation Buzzard from July 8, 2002, British Royal Marines scramble out the back of a Chinook helicopter to conduct a random vehicle search on a dirt path near the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in an effort to deny al Qaeda and Taliban militants freedom of movement in the region. Special forces presence in Afghanistan has been instrumental to keeping militant groups in check.
Rumor of Delta Force and Navy SEAL Support as SAS Squadron Vows to Resist ISIS-K in Afghanistan
It has widely been reported that a SAS squadron of up to 40 members has asked to stay behind in Afghanistan after the Kabul airport blast, to fight ISIS-K.  According to the UK’s Express, sources...
A Royal Air Force Hercules C-130 lands during a mission to Cyprus, on August 14, 2014. C-130’s, such as this one participating in an aid drop to stranded Yazidi refugees in Iraq, are reliable and tough.
Daring Nighttime Raid: UK’s Special Air Service Rescued its Own From Taliban-Seized Kandahar
According to the Daily Mail, a group of 20 elite Special Air Service (SAS) forces sent a distress signal to the British military when Kandahar fell to the Taliban. The Mail reports that the stranded...