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‘Killer Robots’ Are Playing an Increasing Role In the War in Ukraine
On June 14,  it was revealed that Temerland, an Ukrainian robotics and weapons manufacturer based in Zaporizhia, Ukraine will be deploying a robotic battlefield scout, a killer robot, next week called GNOM (“Gnome”) to the...
Biden Administration Rejects Calls to Ban Killer Robots While UN Urges Action
As human rights activists, backed by dozens of countries, call for an outright ban on the use of lethal autonomous weapons or “killer robots” ahead of high-level talks at the United Nations (UN) this week...
President Addresses Nation on Immigration Crisis and Border Security
Speaking from the Oval Office, President Donald Trump said that Americans were facing “a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice” in regards to immigration policy and humanitarian concerns at the southern U.S. border....