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Jimmy Lai, 7 Others Sentenced for Urging Participation in Banned Tiananmen Vigil
On Monday, Dec. 13, Jimmy Lai, founder of the now-defunct pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily, along with seven others was sentenced by a Hong Kong court to 13 months in prison for urging participation in last...
Hong Kong Activist Sentenced to Over 3.5 Years in Prison for Secession and Money Laundering
On Nov. 23 Hong Kong activist, Tony Chung, former convenor of Studentlocalism, was sentenced to prison by a Hong Kong court to 3 years and 7 months for secession and money laundering. Chung, 20, is...
Ma Chun-man-sentenced-to-nearly-six-years-in-prison-for-speech-alone-getty-images-1231452250
Hong Kong Man Sentenced to Nearly 6 Years in Prison for Chanting Slogans, Posting Online
On Nov. 11, Ma Chun-man, also known as “Captain America 2.0” was sentenced by a Hong Kong court to five years and nine months in prison for “inciting secession” by peacefully delivering multiple pro-independence speeches...
Amnesty International Forced to Close Hong Kong Office Citing National Security Law
By the end of 2021, global human rights movement Amnesty International (AI) is scheduled to close down its offices in Hong Kong citing pressure from the national security law enacted by the Chinese Communist Party...