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Tag: Marine Exchange of Southern California

Cargo ships sit off the coast of Huntington Beach, California on October 23, 2021. More than 100 ships are waiting to unload containers outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
Over 100 Ships Waiting to Offload Cargo in California
The twin ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California have been experiencing record backlogs over the past few months. They are still overwhelmed by the number of ships waiting to unload this month....
100 ships were reportedly waiting to enter the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Oct. 18.
Record-Breaking 100 Cargo Ships Backed up at Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports
After being rattled by the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the global supply chain is still struggling to recover. Two of America’s busiest ports, Long Beach and Los Angeles, saw records shattered on Oct. 18...