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Border Crisis Deepens as Migrant Facility Exceeds Capacity by Seven Times

Biden’s immigration policy and stance have encouraged unending migration through the southern border. According to Neha Desai, a lawyer for the National Center for Youth Law, more than 1,800 children were detained at the Customs and Border Protection holding facility in Donna, Texas, as of March 2. This is 729 percent of its pandemic capacity.  […]

Large Migrant Caravan Headed Again for the United States

A large migrant caravan of over a thousand Hondurans is moving toward the U.S. border. Migrants believe that Joe Biden’s administration will welcome them into the U.S. in accordance with its migration-friendly commitment. The migrants have moved into Guatemala where police officers forcefully blocked the caravan from entering the country’s interior. “We recognize the importance […]

The Challenges of an Italian Immigrant

Behind one’s choice to move to a different place are many reasons: Some are forced to escape from persecution or war, while others seek...

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