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Taylor Lee, an economist for the Food and Drug Administration, was caught by Project Veritas on undercover, hidden camera video advocating for the use of blow darts and drones to forcefully vaccinate African Americans and low IQ whites.
On Hidden Camera, FDA Employee Says Blow Darts Should Be Used to Force Vaccinate Blacks, Low IQ Whites
A new undercover video published by investigative journalist team Project Veritas has revealed an employee for the Food and Drug Administration advocating for vaccine hesitant African Americans and low IQ Caucasians to be forcefully vaccinated...
The great Chinese thinker Confucius founded the moral philosophy and political science of Confucianism 2500 years ago.
How Confucius Customized Instruction to Each Student
Often considered China’s “paragon of sages,” Confucius spent his life passing on traditional culture. He valued Bildung, and throughout his life, he was "never tired of learning, and never weary of teaching others." His student,...