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Social credit nanny state sugar drink sin taxes failed to prevent the consumption of sugar, a study found.
Taxing Soda Simply Doesn’t Work, Study Finds
A recent scientific study has confirmed what many people have intuitively or experientially understood: nanny state “sin taxes,” specifically those levied on sugary drinks such as soda, simply don’t work. An August study published by...
Insulting someone on the Internet will land you in prison for a year in Japan, thanks to new central government censorship.
Online Insults Now Punishable by a Year in Jail: Japan
New revisions to Japan’s Penal Code came into effect that will see those who insult others on the Internet punished by up to a year in prison.  A July 7 article by Kyodo News on...
UK Police lodged a non-crime hate incident file after a child was called leprechaun and shorty in the streets.
UK Cops Launch ‘Hate Incident’ File After 11-Year-Old Called ‘Leprechaun,’ ‘Shorty’
Law enforcement in the United Kingdom is becoming increasingly characteristic of a nanny state as police lodged a hate crime investigation after an 11-year-old boy was called names in the street. In a June 27...
The EU and UK will fit new cars with devices that use AI surveillance to forcibly enforce posted speed limits, starting July 6.
New UK and EU Cars to Be Equipped With AI Speed Surveillance and Intervention Devices Starting in July
New cars sold in Europe are to be fitted with a forcible speed controlling device as a safety measure, but critics fear it is yet another infringement on civil self-determination and property rights. The new...