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Gunmen Attack Catholic Church in Nigeria, at Least 50 Dead
On Sunday morning, June 5, a Catholic church in southwest Nigeria was attacked by several gunmen, resulting in at least 50 deaths, including women and children, local media reported. The motives and the allegiance of...
Outbreaks of the Rare Monkeypox Virus Hit Europe and North America: Here’s What You Need to Know
European and North American health authorities are raising the alarm following outbreaks of a rare virus, monkeypox, in several nations. While the risk to the general population remains low, the outbreaks are surprising health authorities...
World Bank Paints Grim Economic Picture For Dozens of Low to Middle-Income Countries: New Report
The World Bank has released its annual report, this year titled, “Finance For an Equitable Recovery,” detailing the financial fallout — due to the COVID-19 pandemic — currently being experienced by dozens of low- to...
For its BRI, Communist China is funding the building of many transportation projects in Africa with exploitative terms.
Nigeria Moving Away From China for Railway Project Loans
The Nigerian government is reportedly in talks with non-Chinese sources to fund its future railway projects. Nigeria has one of the most extensive rail networks in Africa, only trailing behind South Africa in terms of...