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Tag: Nuclear War

An elite battalion of US Army soldiers is potentially preparing to enter Ukraine to fight Russia directly, states CBS
US Army Openly Preparing to Enter Ukraine, Says CBS
An elite division of the United States Army is “fully prepared to cross the border into Ukraine,” as...
The HHS purchased $290 million worth of Nplate, an emergency anti-radiation drug, amid nuclear brinkmanship with Russia.
Biden Admin Purchases $290 Million Worth of Nuclear Radiation Emergency Drug
The Biden Administration’s Department of Health and Human Services has spent $290 million securing supplies...
The Biden Admin is courting nuclear war with Russia as it plans to donate four Hellfire missile drones to Ukraine.
Washington Further Provokes Moscow With Rumors of Pending Hellfire Missile Drone Sale To Ukraine
The Joe Biden Administration is planning on selling Ukraine a quartet of high-level drones that can be...
The EU has cut Russia's Sberbank out of the SWIFT network.
The EU Just Cut Russia’s Largest Bank Out of SWIFT
The European Union has announced it will be excluding Russia’s largest financial institution, Sberbank...
The U.S. funded Ukraine biolab scandal is serving brinkmanship to drive the world to accept a dangerous global military conflict.
US-funded Ukraine Biolab Scandal at the Forefront in Deadly Brinkmanship With Russia
News Analysis No matter whether you identify as Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, socialist...