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Coronavirus Lockdown Protests Erupt All Across the EU and UK

As several countries continue with lockdown restrictions amidst the coronavirus pandemic, strong public opposition has risen against these measures. In Europe and the UK, several protests have erupted against government-mandated restrictions, with some even turning violent. Government restrictions have also been legally challenged.  Germany The “Querdenken (Anticonformist)” movement that opposes social restrictions recently held a […]

New Study Shows Microplastics Turn Into ‘Hubs’ for Pathogens, Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

It’s estimated that an average-sized wastewater treatment plant serving roughly 400,000 residents will discharge up to 2,000,000 microplastic particles into the environment each day. Yet, researchers are still learning the environmental and human health impact of these ultra-fine microplastics, less than 5 millimeters in length, found in everything from cosmetics, toothpaste and clothing microfibers, to our food, air, […]

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