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New Jersey Governor Says State Does Not Have Resources to Support Influx of Migrants From New York
On Sept. 31, New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy, said that his state does not have the resources to support...
Rosanna-Arquette-Love-is-Love-Is-Love-Premiere-Laemmle-Monica-Film-Center-Santa-Monica- California-slammed-TikTok-boss-allowing-threats-potential-gun-violence-schools-Getty-Images-1236570075
Rosanna Arquette Blasts TikTok for Offering a Platform for ‘Mass Potential Gun Violence’
On Dec. 17, Hollywood star Rosanna Arquette lashed out on Twitter, accusing the owner of TikTok of allowing...
19-Year-Old Unseats Incumbent NJ School Board Member Following ‘Awful’ COVID-19 Shutdowns
A 19-year-old’s successful bid for a seat on a New Jersey school board on Tuesday might mark a nationwide...