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The 5 Great Projects of Qin Shi Huang

In 221 B.C., Qin Shi Huang conquered the Six Kingdoms and established the first great unified regime of China. He then began a series of substantial political directives, such as unifying weights and measures, unifying the country’s writing system, and implementing a centralized system to manage state affairs. Externally, he defended his territory against the Xiongnu and expended his efforts to […]

The Mystery of Qin Shi Huang’s Everlasting Lamps 

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor in China and his achievements were outstanding. He ended the war among kingdoms and realized the first...

Marking the End of Chinese New Year With Lanterns and Dumplings

This Feb. 19 is the 15th day of the first lunar month, making it the last day of traditional Chinese New Year festivities. Because...

The Legacy of China’s First Emperor

China has a history of around 5,000 years, but prior to the Qin Dynasty that began in 221 B.C., the concept of “China” was...

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