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North Korean army soldiers wearing masks look at the South side of the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.
Insubordination Trend Rising in North Korean Military
North Korea is a totalitarian dictatorship ruled by a strong military establishment. Consequently, the loyalty of military personnel is a key factor that sustains the authoritarian regime. The regime’s top leaders are worried about the...
One million Uighurs and other mostly Muslim minorities, including ethnic Kazakhs, are believed to be held in re-education camps in China's northwestern region of Xinjiang.
Thousands of Uyghurs Transferred to Nanjing From Xinjiang by Chinese Firm
The forced labor of Uyghurs from Xinjiang has been a hotly contested human rights issue.  Exiled Uyghurs have called on Western nations to take action while the communist Chinese regime constantly dismisses such claims as...
A recent survey revealed increasing support for U.S. military intervention to protect Taiwan’s sovereignty against China.
Survey: Americans Support Aiding Taiwan Against a Mainland Chinese Invasion
A new survey suggests that a majority of Americans favor U.S. troops defending Taiwan in a scenario where the communist People's Republic of China (PRC) invades the democratic island. The survey, published on Aug. 25,...
chinese sailors
Public Documents Suggest ‘Fishing’ Vessels Actually Serve Beijing’s South China Sea Militia: RFA
Recently unearthed bidding documents, corporate records and other official data strongly suggest that many Chinese “fishing vessels” in fact contribute to, or are part of China’s maritime militia, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reports.   RFA analyzed...