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Tag: Recession and Depression

A US railway strike may launch on July 18 unless Joe Biden intervenes, which would put him at odds with the unions ahead of the October primaries.
A US Railway Strike Is Two Days Away, Unless Biden Intervenes
The United States may face an immediate and severe crisis if a looming strike by railway worker unions...
The price of natural gas is going to shutter Australian food processors.
Australian Food Processor Says Natural Gas Prices Will Force It to Close
A major food processor in Australia has said it will soon have to close its doors because the cost of...
Demand destruction is being tasted by retailers that sell junk such as Target and Walmart, data shows.
Consumer Demand for ‘Crap’ Is Dying, Bloating Retailer Inventories: Analysts
Consumers are buying less and less “crap,” leaving leading U.S. retailers such as Walmart and Target...
Poland has told citizens to gather firewood from the forest amid an energy crisis.
Poland Tells Citizens They Can Gather Firewood From the Forest Amidst Energy Crisis
The Polish government has officially conceded that people may rummage for firewood to heat their stoves...