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Tag: Social Conditioning

The Japanese are taking classes to learn how to smile after living under a mask for 3 years.
Japanese Take Smiling Lessons as 3 Years of COVID Mask Habits Change
Japanese citizens are taking classes to learn how to smile during social interactions again after three...
Chinese pregnancy apps normalize consuming baby formula over breastfeeding, a 2019 University of Sydney study states.
Chinese Pregnancy Apps ‘Normalize’ Baby Formula Over Breastfeeding: Study
A study examining hundreds of pregnancy and parenting apps employing advertising to target parents in...
In this photo illustration, a mobile phone can be seen displaying the logos for Chinese apps WeChat and TikTok in front of a monitor showing the flags of the United States and China on an internet page, on September 22, 2020 in Beijing, China. A recent investigation by Wall Street Journal found TikTok’s algorithm can learn its users' desires in as little as 40 minutes and will quickly bury the account in a rabbit hole of related content.
TikTok Learns User Desires in 40 Minutes, Curates Rabbitholed Content
Chinese Communist Party controlled video-based social influencing app TikTok learns a user’s desires...
U.S. dating apps are now offering incentives for people who have received COVID-19 vaccine shots.
White House and Dating Apps Collaborate to Encourage COVID-19 Vaccinations
In an initiative announced on May 21 by White House coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt at a press briefing...