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Tag: Transhumanism

The NIH is spending billions of dollars under a Biden EO to map the entire human brain for transhumanism.
Biden Administration Spends Billions on Exploring and Exploiting the Human Brain
The National Institutes of Health plans to map all human neurons following an Executive Order which promises...
It’s True, the Rich are Harvesting Blood From the Poor
While many view the act of giving blood as a noble one that may help a stranger in a time of need, millions...
South Dakota is set to ban members of the biological opposite sex from scholastic sporting events and bathrooms.
South Dakota Passes Legislation to Keep Scholastic Girl’s Sports, Bathrooms, Biologically Pure
South Dakota is set to keep biological girls playing against biological girls and biological males playing...
Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Aims To Be ‘Successor To the Mobile Internet’
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced renaming the parent company responsible for Facebook,...
The logo of Russia's state-owned bank Sberbank (reading "Sber") is seen on one of its offices in central Moscow on April 12, 2021. Cyber Polygon 2021 will simulate a “Digital Pandemic” supply chain attack in a collaboration between the World Economic Forum, Interpol, ICANN, Visa, and others
‘Digital Pandemic’ Preparation: Supply Chain Attack Simulation To Be Conducted Between World Economic
An upcoming cyberattack defense simulation being hosted by the globalist and Chinese Communist Party-aligned...